My Issues with the Sean Bell Case and Decision

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My Issues with the Sean Bell Case and Decision Empty My Issues with the Sean Bell Case and Decision

Post by HeadBanger on April 29th 2008, 5:05 am

After thinking over this case my final opinion is that this is a case of the murder by the system. By that I mean, this sounds like a case of systematic corruption. Let me explain:

The story is, that this whole thing started over a fight in a club. There was an undercover cop on the scene close enough to witness a prostitution deal in progress and observed a pimp flashing a fire arm. If this officer was there to bust the club for prostitution his job should have been done, and he should have busted everyone on the spot. But he didn't. I have heard that the undercover officer, instead, called in three undercover officers to pursue the individuals to the car based on a drunken threat made in a scuffle. I really don't believe that they would have came back and shot the guy being that they were probably tired and did have to be in Church in a few hours.

Why did the undercover officer call in three more undecover officers, instead of a patrol car for a fight?

By everyone's account they did not identify themselves and jumped out guns blazing on the bachelor party. This in my opinion was excessive force, in it's conception. The cops claimed that they fired 50 shots because they thought the the vehicle was returning fire. This IMO, is a lie. I think that they would have seen flashes from the barrel of a gun at that time of night.

I am afraid that society is reinforcing an attitude that says it is ok to kill Black males for spitting on the sidewalk, and the police know that they will not be punished for turning what should be an arrest into a hunt.

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