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9/11 Economics

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9/11 Economics Empty 9/11 Economics

Post by ShaolinSubz May 2nd 2008, 3:33 am

The economics behind 9/11 explained in detail. An old but wholly relevant and excellent lecture (The best on its subject matter to its date) Try not to comment in this thread without watching the lecture or at least starting it. Worth a watch whatever your view, its long but very interesting. Economic students etc, I want your opinions. I have explained in detail in past threads how it is of benefit to certain Banks for major economic breakdowns but I guess instead of actually doing anything about it we will have to see it when it happens (Credit Crunch anyone?)

Thanks to anyone in advance who watches the lecture - truly a revelation


This is a pretty long lecture, so I know most of you are gonna skip it...but I HIGHLY recommend you watch what happens at the 9:00 (nine minute) part of this video...the CIA director gets publicly called out on his knowledge of drug smuggling by the Agency!! Truly a magical moment and now a piece of web history!

Rupert gives the web address for one of the major documents from the Justice Department and its findings on money laundering - look it up - its a real report and its pretty gut wrenching to read.. he also uses an article from the A P - also real.. there's tons of stuff every year in reports about the economy detailing the extent of the USAs black market and drug market... every year REAL DOCUMENTS and REAL REPORTS come out going over the estimated size and amount of cash flow that is most likely unaccounted for.... google "annual report on drug laundering" or just "drug laundering" and you will get an enormous slew of reports and articles detailing the enormity of the corporate schemes involved in laundering drug money

his is one of the best lectures you are likely to hear regarding the economic build up to 9/11 and is very entertaining although serious and long. It also provides irrefutable evidence that the CIA is heavily involved in money laundering and drug trafficking and that the US economy is dependent on this, something I will prove in these forums time and time again. I will also bring attention to the strong link between these illegal activities and terrorism (Google CIA and ISI (Pakistan's version of the CIA)). Start this lecture, watch the first 15mins and see what you think. It truly is worth the watch. This lecture does not talk about bombs inside the world trade or other round circle arguments. It provides cold hard facts presented to you as maybe a lawyer would present evidence in court. Rupert is an ex cop and presents his evidence as one...

Now have fun and educate others

Peace and Love

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9/11 Economics Empty Re: 9/11 Economics

Post by flexwave2003 May 8th 2008, 8:41 pm

It seems pretty clear that an independant investigation is needed on 9-11, but that this will probably never happen. There are just too many questions, and too many coincidences to simply be written off, with case closed.

I actually have a video tape somewhere that I put in and recorded on 9-11. Ive got a few hours easily of nothing but straight news coverage on the attack. There are definitely some interesting differences in initial reports and now common knowledge.
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